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Roundtable Session Guidelines

In a roundtable session, each presenter is assigned to a specific table where attendees will have the opportunity to have an in-depth discussion with presenters.  

General Information

  • Presenters must be individual members of APHA and they must register for the meeting. 
  • Each presenter in a roundtable session will be assigned a table number. Specific table numbers can be found in the online program.
  • Presenters should arrive 15-20 minutes before the start of their session and sit at their assigned table.
  • Attendees will have the opportunity to select a table.
  • Presenters will have a half hour, in-depth presentation and discussion with the attendees at their table.
  • After the half hour, the moderator will ask attendees to select a new table.
  • Presenters will speak again with the new group of attendees.
  • Generally, a presenter will have 2-3 different audiences.
  • Check with your moderator regarding the expectations for your sessions.
  • No audio-visual equipment is provided for roundtable sessions.  You can bring your own laptop/personal device if you want to share visuals on a screen. Please respect other presenters in the room by limiting the use of audio on your device. Make sure that you arrive with a fully charged device.

Presentation Tips

  • Split your 30-minute timeslot into a 15-minute presentation and a 15-minute group discussion 
  • Include a description of yourself in your introduction. Watch our video on inclusive introductions to understand what they are and why they are important.
  • Give an opening statement to acquaint the audience with the nature and purpose of the research.
  • Roundtable sessions should be engaging. Know what you want to ask of your audience.
  • Take advantage of the small group presentation to dive into your work.
  • Consider having business cards or handouts that you can give to attendees who want to find more information about your research. Expect to reach 20-30 people during your three presentations. Handouts are optional. You can bring printed copies or upload a digital copy to your speaker portal for attendees to download.
  • APHA hires room monitors who are responsible for double-checking the room set-up and the audiovisual equipment prior to the start time of your session. If there is an issue, please find a room monitor who will escalate the issue to the appropriate person.