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Oral Session Guidelines

Oral sessions provide an opportunity for several speakers to present their findings/papers in a formal setting. Individual abstracts are grouped with abstracts focusing on a similar topic to create an hour and a half session. Presenters can determine the amount of time allocated for their presentation by viewing their session in the Online Program. Be sure to limit the presentation to the time allotted.

General Information

  • Presenters must be individual members of APHA and register for the meeting. 
  • LCD projectors, computers and microphone are included in each scientific session room. Internet access is not available in the meeting rooms.
  • Videos should be captioned to ensure access to people with disabilities.
  • You will have 15 minutes to present your PowerPoint presentation. Do not go over your allotted presentation time. 
  • At the start of your presentation, verbally disclose whether you have any financial support or conflicts of interest to report. This is required for CE purposes.
  • Once all presentations are completed, there will be time for live Q&A.
  • If you are using materials in your presentation (pictures, charts, graphs, video, etc.) that are not original work, seek permission from the original source and cite the source.

Presentation Tips

  • PowerPoints should be set to 16:9 screen ratio.
  • Keep accessibility in mind when designing your PowerPoint and planning your presentation. Checkout our guidelines for accessible presentations.
  • Include a description of yourself in your introduction. Watch our video on inclusive introductions to understand what they are and why they are important.
  • Give an opening statement to acquaint the audience with the nature and purpose of the research.
  • Discuss the same material as reported in the abstract.
  • Rehearse your presentation beforehand, timing it. Remember that PowerPoint slides add seconds to the talk.
  • Stay within your allotted time to ensure that all presenters have equal time on the program and allow the audience the opportunity to ask questions.
  • Know what to omit if you start to go over your allotted time. Session moderators will hold you to the allotted time.
  • APHA hires room monitors who are responsible for double-checking the room set-up and the audiovisual equipment prior to the start time of your session. If there is an issue, please find a room monitor who will escalate the issue to the appropriate person.