Roundtable Session Guidelines

In a roundtable session, each presenter is assigned to a specific table to have an in-depth converastion with a small group of attendees. Attendees will rotate tables allowing presenters to converse with a new group.

There are no virtual presentations. All presenters must attend and present in Boston. If you cannot attend in person you may find an alternative presenter or withdraw your abstract. 

General Information

  • Presenters must be individual members of APHA and register for the meeting. 
  • Each presenter in a roundtable session will be assigned a table number. Specific table numbers can be found in the online and final printed program.
  • Presenters should arrive 15-20 minutes before the start of their session and sit at their assigned table.
  • Attendees will have the opportunity to select a table.
  • Presenters will have a half hour, in-depth presentation and discussion with the attendees at their table.
  • After the half hour, the moderator will ask attendees to select a new table.
  • Presenters will speak again with the new group of attendees.
  • Generally, a presenter will have 2-3 different audiences.
  • Check with your moderator regarding the expectations for your sessions. If there is no moderator to get the session started, any presenter can start the session. Be sure to start on time and follow the guidelines on this page.
  • No audio-visual equipment is provided for roundtable sessions.


Presentation Tips

  • Split your 30-minute timeslot into a 15 minute presentation and 15 minute group discussion 
  • Include a description of yourself in your introduction. Watch our video on inclusive introductions to understand what they are and why they are important.
  • Give an opening statement to acquaint the audience with the nature and purpose of the research.
  • Roundtable sessions should be engaging. Know what you want to ask of your audience.
  • Take advantage of the small group presentation to dive into your work.
  • Consider having business cards or handouts that you can give to attendees who want to find more information about your research. Expect to reach 20-30 people during your three presentations.
  • APHA hires room monitors who are responsible for double-checking the room set-up prior to the start time of your session. If there is an issue, please find a room monitor who will escalate the issue to the appropriate person.