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APHA TV 2021

Watch highlights from APHA 2021

woman in APHA TV studio
APHA TV Daily Highlights — Wednesday
man in uniform 
APHA 2021 Question of the Day: What are you enjoying most?
David Satcher
David Satcher talks about our progress on health equity
Kaye Bender
Kaye Bender on rural health and the impacts of the pandemic 
Annelle Primm
Anelle Primm on the impact of disasters on community mental health 
 people in convention center hallway
APHA TV Daily Highlights — Tuesday
Nadine Gracia
The State of Public Health
woman outside convention center
APHA 2021 Question of the Day: What are you most excited about? 
Kelly O'Brien
Kelly O'Brien talks about advocacy and social connectedness. 
 Woman in APHA TV studio
APHA TV Daily Highlights — Monday
woman interviewing another woman on screen 
Rebekah Gee on maternal mortality, reproductive rights.

Virginia Caine
A preview of the APHA 2021 Featured Session "Lessons Learned: How We Can Better Respond to the Next Pandemic."

Nancy Cheak-Zamora 
Maternal and Child Health Section Chair reflects on the Section's 100th anniversary.
Rochelle Walensky
CDC Director Rochelle Walensky shares her thoughts on the year ahead in public health.
Abdul El-Sayed
Abdul El-Sayed talks about his 'America Dissected' podcast, which will record a live episode at APHA 2021. 
Georges Benjamin Welcome to APHA's Annual Meeting
APHA TV Daily Highlights — Sunday
Woman in APHA TV studio
APHA TV Highlights — Welcome and Meeting Preview

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