Accessible Poster Presentations

It is APHA's desire to make all meetings accessible to the widest range of people possible. For information about accessibility services provided for registrants, visit the Accessibility page. If you are a presenter requiring specific accommodations, please contact APHA directly via email or by calling 202-777-2528.

When developing your presentation please follow these guidelines to ensure that all attendees can participate

Accessible PowerPoint

APHA suggests presenters follow the guidelines from WebAim, which include a link to download accessible PowerPoint templates. If using Prezi, please follow their tips for creating an accessible presentation. Slides must be accessible and compatible with screen readers.

A few quick tips:

  • Avoid pictures, images, screenshots, and complex tables and graphs.
  • Include alternative text when pictures, graphs, etc. are used to describe the image.
  • Use a font size of 20 or greater.
  • Use sans serif fonts such as Calibri or Arial.
  • Always use a contrasting background (white text on dark background or dark text on a light background).
  • Use plain language. See CDC's guidelines on plain language.
  • After building your PowerPoint presentation use the PowerPoint tool to check accessibility.

Presentation Tips

  • Always describe the images or figures that are shown on each slide. For example, “I am showing an image of a woman cycling on the new bike path.”
  • Refrain from saying, “This shows...” or “those show...” Instead clearly describe what you are about to explain. For example, “this map of Montana shows...”
  • Speak loudly, clearly and directly into the microphone at a moderate pace.
  • Use active words and short sentences. Words should reinforce visual material.

Captioning Your Presentation

Pre-recorded poster presentations will be captioned using Zooms AI captioning software. You will have the opportunity to review a file of the transcript and make edits to any incorrect information. 

Presentation Handouts

Presenters may upload handouts to the Virtual Meeting Platform. All handouts need to be created in accessible formats and compatible with screen readers.  If your handouts will be in  PDF format, follow these guidelines.