APHA Section Chairs

Aging & Public Health

Caryn Etkin, MSc, PhD

Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs

Linda Frazier, BS, MA, RN, MCHES

Applied Public Health Statistics 

Charles DiSogra, DrPH, MPH

Chiropractic Health Care

Michael Haneline, DC, MPH

Community Health Planning and Policy Development

Ashley Wennerstrom, PhD, MPH

Community Health Workers

Mae-Gilene Begay, MS


Willi Horner-Johnson, PhD


Megan Weil Latshaw, PhD, MHS


Oscar Alleyne, MPH, DrPH


Stephanie St. Pierre, MDiv, MPH

Food and Nutrition

Noel Chavez, PhD, RD 

Health Administration

Brian Martin, PhD, MBA

Health Informatics Information Technology

Tracy Hilliard, PhD, MPH


Randolph Hubach, PhD, MPH

Injury Control and Emergency Services

Lara McKenzie, PhD, MA

Integrative Complementary and Traditional Health Practices

Sivarama Prasad, MD, MAOM, MPH

International Health

Laura Altobelli, DrPH, MPH 


Andy Baker-White, JD, MPH

Maternal and Child Health

Deborah Allen, ScD

Medical Care

James Wohlleb, MA, MS

Mental Health

Margaret Walkover, MPH

Occupational Health and Safety

Joseph Zanoni, PhD, MILR

Oral Health

Scott Tomar, DMD, MPH, DrPH

Physical Activity

Andrew Kaczynski, PhD

Population, Reproductive and Sexual Health

Lea Dooley, MPH, MCHES

Public Health Education and Health Promotion

Heather Brandt, PhD, CHES

Public Health Nursing

Alexandra Garcia, PhD, RN, APHN

Podiatric Health

Ajitha Nair, DPM, MPH

School Health Education and Services

Julie Gast, PhD, MCHES

Public Health Social Work

Julia Hastings, PhD, MSW

Vision Care

Glen Steele, OD

Student Assembly

Rachael Reed, MPH, DrPH(c)