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The HIV/AIDS Section provides a professional foundation for members of diverse disciplines to combine interests and expertise to fight the HIV/AIDS pandemic as well as provide leadership on HIV/AIDS-related issues. 

Actions we can take to address HIV/AIDS challenges:

  • Provide expertise and support to APHA staff, serving as resources and creating policies within APHA that can be used to guide advocacy efforts.
  • Create a forum for sharing ideas and moving forward critical discussions in the field.
  • Provide networking opportunities to expand the potential for meaningful change.
  • Offer a source of mentorship for young professionals who are committed to this crucial issue.

Thank you for your support! We look forward to working with you.

Chair: Caroline Kingori, PhD

Chair-Elect: Dawn Slowinski, PhD

Immediate Past-Chair: Mohammad Rifat Haider, PhD

Secretary: Shan Qiao, PhD

Treasurer: Stacy Smallwood, PhD

Membership: Stacy Smallwood, PhD; Dawn Slowinski, PhD

Program Committee Co-Chairs: Chengbo Zeng, PhD; Xueying Yang, PhD; Randolph D. Hubach, PhD;  

Communication co-Chairs: Tevin Warren, MPH; Pavni Guharoy MPH; Gloria Aidoo-Frimpong, PhD

Student Liaison: Monica Ochapa, MPH

Section Councilors: Carol Galletly, PhD; Elizabeth Kelvin, PhD; Angela Wangari Walter, PhD; Joseph Daniels, PhD; Erin Burk-Leaver; David Doan, PhD

Governing Councilors: Steven A. John, PhD; Jeffrey Goodman, MPH; Durrell Fox

Mentoring: Shan Qiao, PhD; Jennifer Kibicho, PhD

For leadership contact information, log in to APHA LEAD using your member credentials.