Welcome to the Environment Section

Fisherman collects dead fishAir Pollution from smoke stacks

  • Have you or anyone you know ever suffered from an environmentally related illness, such as lead poisoning, E. -coli infection or asthma?
  • Are you concerned with clean drinking water, safe food, air pollution, the built environment, climate change, or exposure to toxic substances?
  • Are you interested in Environmental Protection Agency regulations, climate change research, education, policy, environmental and social justice, or local zoning regulations to promote public health?

If these or similar issues are of interest to you, then you should consider joining the Environment Section today!

What is environmental health?

Environmental health and protection refers to protection against environmental factors adversely impacting human health or the ecological balances essential to long-term human health and environmental quality, whether in the natural or man-made environment. (Journal of Environmental Health, April 1996)

Environmental health encompasses the assessment and control of those environmental factors that can potentially affect health. It is targeted toward preventing disease and creating health-supportive environments.

What do environmental health professionals do?

Environmental health professionals work to focus attention on how environmental factors impact human health and help to shape national environmental health and protection policies. Environmental health professionals work in fields such as pollution research and remediation, food and water safety, toxic substances and pesticide control, built environment planning and climate change.

Environment, Health, You: A short film about environmental health

In 2011, APHA’s Environment Section celebrated its 100-year anniversary. In honor of this milestone, the Section developed a short film about the field of environmental health. From the turn of the century through the beginning of the 21st century, the short film provides a snapshot of early environmental public health conditions, successes in changing the environmental health landscape and the environmental health challenges that lie ahead of us. The 12-minute film also honors the work of public health sanitarians, local health practitioners, researchers, policymakers, advocates and those on the front lines of community environmental health.

Join us in the journey to create, maintain and sustain healthy environments here and abroad. Watch Environment, Health, You  now!