Committees and Subcommittees

The Student Assembly has 16 committees and subcommittees. Additionally, student representatives are appointed to six of APHA’s boards and committees.

Action Committee
Promotes public health advocacy by keeping APHA-SA members informed about major public health policy issues as they arise and facilitating transmission of Student Assembly opinions to appropriate decision-makers/legislators. Co-ChairsSarah Chew, Krizia Melendez

Advancement Committee
Encourages development of leadership skills, promote networking opportunities with fellow students and public health practitioners, and facilitates transition into professional roles.Facilitates student access to public health-related job, internship, award and scholarship opportunities.   
Co-Chairs: Patrick EdlinYohansa Fernandez

Campus Liaisons Committee 
Comprised of over 90 students who represent the Student Assembly on local campuses, the subcommittee disseminates relevant information to students, faculty and staff at their school and facilitates a sustained dialogue between individual schools and the Student Assembly.
Co-Chairs: Rodney Johnson, Erica Oliver

Communications Committee
Oversees and facilitates administrative functions, acting as APHA-SA secretary. It also disseminates information via the newsletter, Web pages, and listserves. The Communications Committee maintains an archive of all official meeting minutes and correspondence. Maintains and updates Student Assembly pages on APHA’s website. 
Co-Chairs: Daria HarveyJeremy WangBrittany Morgan

Membership Committee
Maintains a current database of Student Assembly members; collaborates with and encourages the participation of campus liaisons and fellow student associations in various activities to strengthen member involvement and to help recruit new members; and coordinates special mailings to new members.
Co-Chairs: Mae L'Heureux, Ans Irfan

Mentoring Committee
Works to support the National Mentoring Program, which pairs student and early-career professionals with mentors. 
Co-Chair: Daenuka MuraleetharanKate Boyle-Steed

Nominations Committee
Organizes voting for new board members within the Student Assembly.
Chair: Allison Casola

Programming Committee
Coordinates Student Assembly scientific and career sessions, its expo booth and social events at the Annual Meeting. 
Co-Chairs: Dixy Rajkumar, Emily Bartlett

Section Liaison Subcommittee
Establishes and facilitates the sharing of information about student opportunities within fellow APHA membership groups.
ChairElizabeth Hagan Asamoah, Shawn Zamani

Student Meeting Committee
Plans the annual Student Meeting at the APHA conference.
Co-Chairs: Chelsea BoydMegan Risi

Science Board Student Representative
Diana Kingsbury

Action Board Student Representative
Rosie Mae Henson

American Journal of Public Health Editorial Board Student Representative

Council of Affiliates Student Representative
Rachael Reed

Education Board Student Representative

The Nation’s Health Advisory Board Student Representative

Publications Board Student Representative
Katherine Phillips