Want to know the best things about being a member of APHA?

We asked our members. Here is what they said: 

  • I love being part of a community of passionate public health professionals. Membership gives me opportunities throughout the year to learn from and network with experts in the field. Being an APHA member has given me a deeper understanding of how to apply groundbreaking public health research, best practices, and advocacy strategies for reducing health disparities.
  • For me, the biggest benefit of being a member is APHA is that I have the opportunity to share my hard work, and have it be recognized. Most of my research is centered around the LGBTQ community and APHA has always been inclusive. It has created an opportunity to submit my work, that I am passionate about, and educate, influence, and prioritize certain health issues. Plus, it has been enjoyable to meet and network with other students from around the country.
  • When I first joined APHA, I had the opportunity to attend the Speak for Health Advocacy Bootcamp, which gave me the opportunity to speak with my state representatives on women’s reproductive rights at Capitol Hill. It was the first time I was humbled yet empowered by the fact that my message could be heard on a national platform. The minute I got more involved, it became clear that being a part of APHA offered opportunities beyond just advocacy - leadership, professional development, scholarship, and more. I found a family of leaders who I looked up to professionally and personally and a dynamic team who has continually pushed the envelope further and further when it comes to providing opportunities for other students and furthering the public health agenda.
  • This year when we all feel disconnected, APHA has helped me feel interconnected with my public health fellow students, colleagues, and field at-large. It has made me feel informed, supported, and a part of public health during this unprecedented time.
  • The networking abilities with fellow public health practitioners
  • Being a student often means that time available to do extracurricular activities such as networking, researching opportunities, and finding excellent public health resources is limited. APHA brings all of the best public health resources, opportunities, and relationships (and more!) directly to you. I am so thankful  that I have been able to gain exposure, perspectives, and opportunities through APHA that I would not have been able gain otherwise! My understanding of the field of public health has significantly expanded and I feel much more prepared to contribute to this important field thanks to APHA.
  • Valuable opportunities to learn from leaders in the field (e.g., APHA webinars), discounted registration at the APHA Annual Meeting and Expo, networking with fellow public health nerds
  • As a member of APHA I have been benefited from professional mentoring, shared values, and a strong sense of community.
  • Networking and leadership opportunities are by far the best benefits to being an APHA member!

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What membership benefits does the Student Assembly provide?

  • Participate in APHA Sections, Special Primary Interest Groups, Forums and Caucuses. You can now join two Sections at no additional charge!
  • News & Views quarterly newsletter access and submission privileges
  • National Student Meeting, an annual conference for students of public health
  • Receive notification of fellowship, job, internship, post-doc and other conference opportunities through our website, listserv and online community. Student Assembly members are automatically subscribed to our listserv.
  • Receive monthly action alert emails about student issues and public health-related policies.
  • Represent the Student Assembly as a Campus Liaison, Section Liaison, Affiliate Liaison or membership ambassador.
  • Attend the APHA Annual Meeting and Exposition at a bargain price and have the opportunity to present abstracts and posters.
  • Receive a print version of the American Journal of Public Health if you pay the full price annual membership of $85 or receive the online subscription version with the green discounted membership option of $65 annually.
  • Get a discount on more than 50 APHA books and resources.
  • Network with professionals and connect with students nationwide.
  • Strengthen your leadership skills by participating as a member of a Student Assembly committee.
  • Run for an available Student Assembly board position.

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