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Transportation, Health and Equity Webinars

2012 APHA and PBIC three-part webinar series on active transportation and health

APHA, in conjunction with the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center, offered a free webinar series on health and active transportation. The archived webinars are below.

How public health professionals are supporting trails and walking programs

Communities Putting Prevention to Work: Using walking and bicycling as ways to promote public health  

Using Health Impact Assessments to connect bicycle and pedestrian safety and health

2012 APHA webinar series: Health and equity in transportation: promising methods and modes to improve health outcomes

APHA hosted a free webinar series on critical health and equity issues within the transportation sector.

Webinar 3: What Health Impact Assessments can do for Health Inequities 

Webinar 2: What Role Injury Prevention Plays in Transportation:

Webinar 1: What Public Transit means for Public Health (view archived webinar

2011 APHA webinar series: What healthy communities need from their transportation networks

Our archived four-part webinar series covers how transportation systems impact health in diverse communities across the nation and highlights innovative programs that leverage opportunities in transportation that benefit health.

Webinar 4: Preventing Roadway Fatalities and Injuries

Webinar 3: Health Impact Assessments in Transportation 

Webinar 2: The Health Benefits from Active Transportation

Webinar 1: Community Health and Transportation Planning

Additional Webinar on Health and Transportation Toolkit