Climate For Health

Climate for HealthAPHA is a founding partner of Climate for Health, a network of health leaders committed to protecting the health and well-being of Americans and leading by example on a path to a positive future for climate solutions.

By joining Climate for Health, we commit to putting climate solutions in place within our own organizations and working together to prepare, empower and inspire our members, staff and the nation on climate change policies and solutions.

We urge APHA members and Affiliates to join the Climate for Health program. The program provides a suite of resources that enable institutions to lead by example by increasing climate-friendly activities and elevating their climate leadership by inviting their community to do the same.

Joining Climate for Health gives you access to:

  • A Fresh Approach to Launch or Elevate your Climate Leadership: empowering you to demonstrate action on climate, then speak about and inspire others in ways that are relevant to your health community and resonate with a broad diversity of Americans (who may not yet be convinced on climate).
  • Tools and Resources: offering the latest and most promising practices for climate leadership including information, resources, webinars, and research-driven communications tools packaged in a comprehensive, easy-to-use program website.
  • New Platform to Amplify Your Voice on Climate: providing you opportunities to promote and be recognized for your efforts through social media, press outreach, success stories, and special campaign activities.
  • A Community of Other Leaders: access to share ideas, collaborate with, and build collective impact among other health leaders through a robust social media community, online forums, and online and on-the-ground events. 

Join Climate for Health and become part of a national network of leaders empowering others to care for climate change as part of caring for their own health.