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Control of Communicable Diseases Manual cover imageThe American Public Health Association Press publishes and sells over 70 public health books and texts. Several of these are THE reference source for their specialty within public health practice, such as Control of Communicable Diseases Manual and Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater. New titles include Moving Life Course Theory into Action: Making Change Happen and Preventing Alcohol-Related Problems: Evidence and Community-Based Initiatives.  See a full list of titles on the APHA bookstore, and check out our e-books.

The American Journal of Public Health is the preeminent peer reviewed journal for public health workers and academics, publishing 12 issues per year. Special emphasis is given to research and practitioners' experiences as well as a historical context to new and old problems.  Voted one of the 100 Most Influential Journals in Biology & Medicine by the BioMedical & Life Sciences Division of the Special Libraries Association, the journal features cutting-edge research and commentary on the most important public health issues of our time.

APHA's award-winning newspaper, The Nation’s Health, publishes 10 times per year with public health news and updates. In addition, it informs members about the goings-on within the Association’s Sections, Affiliates and other member groups. Read our Q & As with public health leaders on key topics of the day.


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Health in All Policies: A Guide for State and Local Governments (PDF)

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