Instructions to Obtain CME, CNE, CPH, VET, CHES® or MCHES® Credits

Oct. 24-27, 2021
Evaluation Deadline: Nov. 6, 2021

NOTE: When registering for the APHA 2021 meeting, you need to also register for CE and select your preferred discipline. Only those who register before 12 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2021 will be eligible to obtain CE (no exceptions will be made). Each session attended will need to be completely evaluated in the CE system in order to generate your Certificate. You should only evaluate sessions that you attend in real time. All evaluations must be completed and submitted by Nov. 6 in order to receive credit.

1. Visit the Online Evaluation System.

2. Enter your last name and registration ID number (meeting badge number) to log in.

3. Complete the demographic section before proceeding. Your evaluation is not finished unless this section is completed.

4. There are two options for evaluating the sessions attended: Browse by Date or Browse by Program. You might find it easier to evaluate the sessions by date.

5. Click on Browse by Date; drop down menu of meeting dates appears. Click on specific date to see list of sessions awarded CE credit for that specific date.

6. Click title of session attended to upload the evaluation form for the session. Complete the evaluation form. When finished, click Submit button to record your evaluation and receive your CE credit for that session.

7. The evaluation is now saved, and the system returns to the listing of sessions. CE credit earned for the session appears in top left corner of the evaluation site home page. Note: You can only evaluate one session per time slot. Once the system starts to record your CE credits earned, you will see the Print Certificates link appear in the bottom left corner of the screen — complete all evaluations before trying to print.

8. Click on the title of next session to be evaluated. Complete the evaluation form and click Submit button to record evaluation and receive CE credit for session. System returns to sessions listing and the CE credit total in top left corner has updated to include total credits for currently evaluated sessions. Total will continue to update as you submit evaluated sessions.

9. Continue to evaluate sessions until you have completed all of your evaluations and returned to the evaluation home page. Final total of CE credits earned will appear in top left corner of screen.

10. We strongly recommend to access the online evaluation system immediately after you've participated in a session to complete the evaluation.

11. When you are ready to print your CE certificate, from your home or work computer, you will need to follow the instructions below.

a. Internet Explorer Browser

If you have pop-up blocker activated on your computer, you have to disable it in order to bring up your certificate. We highly recommend printing both options for your files. FYI: If you are trying to print at work, you may have to contact your IT department, which may have security measures in place that won’t allow you to disable the pop-up blocker. Keep in mind that you can print from any computer hard wired or wirelessly connected to a printer. We highly recommend that you try and upload your certificates on your home computer at your earliest convenience because this same online evaluation process will be used for future APHA meetings. You want to be sure that you can access future certificates.

b. Mozilla Firefox Browser

In some cases, PDF files do not open when using Mozilla Firefox. The problem is intermittent and limited to using versions 9 and 10 of the Adobe Acrobat plug-in in this web browser. You can follow these steps to see which version of the Adobe plug-in is being used:

  • In FireFox, click "Tools: then select "Add-ons" OR use Ctrl-Shift-aClick the 
  • "Plug-in" option on the left and scroll until you find Adobe Acrobat
  • The version will be listed right after the plug-in title. There is a link above the list of plug-ins titled, 
  • "Click to see if your plug-ins are up to date" (, that can be used to update to version 11. 
  • You may have to disable your pop-up blocker in Firefox also. 

NOTE: Some sessions have not been awarded CE credit. Check the final program (or the online program) to confirm CE. Stop by the onsite CE help desk to see a listing of the sessions that were awarded CE credit after the final program was printed. CHES®/MCHES® credits are reported to NCHEC on a quarterly basis. CHES® entry level and MCHES® advanced level CHEC credits earned during the APHA Annual Meeting will be reported to NCHEC during the mid-January reporting cycle. 

For Assistance During the Annual Meeting: Contact Charlene Bright.

For Assistance After the Annual Meeting: Contact Alyssa Holland.


To obtain copies of past Annual Meeting CE certificates (2010-2020), contact Charlene Bright.