Speak For Health

APHA's two-day advocacy boot camp for public health students is July 15-16 in Washington, D.C. Register here.

Speak for Health An Initiative of the American Public Health Association 

Speak for Health is how APHA members stand up for public health interests. 

APHA believes public health professionals deserve a stronger voice on issues ranging from gun violence to climate change. Together, we can change the narrative and turn the tide.

APHA is the leading voice for public health in Washington. The policies we advance are based in science, research and member-led processes. 

Here’s how members can get involved in public health advocacy and make their voice heard.

Take Action

We need action on these priority public health issues, and we need it now. Sign an APHA action alert to tell your member of Congress that they need to stand up for public health. It takes less than five minutes, and is sent directly to your senator and representatives! You can even personalize your message. Choose from these Speak for Health priorities:

Gun Violence

Climate Change

Public Health Funding

Health Equity/Safety Net

Reproductive Rights

Join the Conversation

Follow APHA on Facebook and Twitter to see what we’re saying about new policy issues. When news is breaking, this is the first place we respond.

Share and like our Speak for Health posts to spread the word about political issues affecting our field and let Congress know you want action. Use #SpeakForHealth in your posts. Here are a few to get you started:

We cannot allow senseless gun violence to continue take action now  Public health needs investments not cuts take action now 
Speak for Health  Climate changes health let's change our approach 
Resources for Public Health Advocates

Want more tools to help you take action and advocate for public health? Check out these guides to participating in a town hall meeting, getting the media involved and more. (All are PDFs)