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APHA applauds Biden’s commitment to public health

Date: Mar 07 2024

Contact: Media Relations

As anticipation builds for President Biden’s State of the Union address tonight, the American Public Health Association commends the Biden administration for its efforts to address critical issues affecting the nation's well-being, while recognizing we still have a long way to go to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to be healthy.

Throughout his presidency, Biden has prioritized initiatives to improve the health and well-being of communities across the country by following the science. Since taking office, the administration has guided the country through challenges from COVID-19 and the end of the public health emergency while emphasizing the importance of vaccines, combating misinformation and supporting funding for the nation’s federal, state and local public health systems. This funding has been a critical lifeline for the public health infrastructure, and it needs to continue if we expect to have a public health system that is prepared for the next pandemic or public health emergency.

Under Biden’s leadership, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has moved forward with several important rules to protect the public’s health, especially the nation’s most vulnerable groups, including children, the elderly and communities of color. Recently, the EPA finalized rules to significantly reduce methane emissions from the oil and gas industry, and issued more health-protective rules to reduce the dangerous particulate matter pollution that can lead to increased asthma attacks, heart attacks, strokes, lung cancer and premature death. 

The EPA is also moving forward with a new rule to reduce the amount of lead and copper in the nation’s drinking water supply and has secured billions in funding to help communities replace existing lead service lines — which negatively impact the health of more than 21 million individuals — to strengthen the nation’s commitment to environmental justice. We call on the EPA to finalize a critical rule to protect the public from the health threats associated with climate change by drastically reducing carbon pollution from fossil fuel-fired power plants.

APHA lauds President Biden and members of Congress who worked to strengthen the benefits and affordability of coverage under the Affordable Care Act. We are committed to continuing to strengthen and expand access to quality health care for all Americans, including access to the full range of reproductive health services.  As legal challenges surround Medicare prescription drug negotiation, the right to abortion, the Affordable Care Act and other vital public health initiatives, APHA will work to support these important pillars of public health in the courts. We call on President Biden and Congress to do the same and restore the right to abortion under Roe v Wade through legislation. 

We welcome the president’s commitment to ending the epidemic of gun violence in the nation and his pledge to fund research into the root causes of gun violence. We implore the president and Congress to finally address comprehensive background checks for all gun purchases and reinstate the federal ban on assault weapons. 

APHA remains dedicated to working collaboratively with the administration and Congress to advance public health and build a healthier, more resilient nation. For more information on our perspective of President Biden’s work, contact APHA Media Relations.


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