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Texas Ruling for Preliminary Injunction of Mifepristone Reversed by Supreme Court

Date: Apr 21 2023

Contact: Media Relations

Statement from APHA Executive Director Georges C. Benjamin, MD

“In a 9-2 ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court has granted a stay to the recent disastrous ruling in Texas that would restrict access to Mifepristone. With a 23-year history of safe use as part of an FDA approved two-drug medication abortion regime, making this drug unavailable even temporarily would have been recklessly irresponsible of the courts.

Keeping Mifepristone accessible for the hundreds of thousands of women who need it while the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals’ three-judge panel prepares its final ruling is a major success for public health, healthcare experts and Americans across the country.

APHA applauds the Supreme Court for this ruling. Access to abortion is a fundamental right, and APHA has historically stood in support of providing medical professionals’ a full range of reproductive options for women to ensure their optimal health. This ruling is a win for reproductive rights amid continued attacks on abortion access."


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