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APHA releases two groundbreaking books tackling health equity and reproductive health

Date: Sep 26 2023

Contact: Media Relations

APHA Press is proud to announce the release of two groundbreaking books that address critical issues surrounding health equity in the United States. Black Women’s Reproductive Health and Sexuality: A Holistic Public Health Approach, and Health Inequities and African Americans: A Comprehensive Examination both offer powerful insights, challenges to stereotypes and comprehensive roadmaps toward a more inclusive and equitable future. As America grapples with persistent discrimination and inequities, these two books offer vital insights and solutions for achieving health equity. 

Black Women’s Reproductive Health and Sexuality by President & CEO of In Our Own Voice: National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda, Regina Davis Moss, PhD, MPH, unravels the historical injustices, stereotypes and inequalities faced by Black women while offering comprehensive solutions.

Reproductive health and sexual well-being are vital components of human health, and this book delves into these aspects with a keen focus on Black women's experiences. It explores the determinants of Black women’s reproductive health and sexuality, unveiling evidence-based programs and policies that offer promising solutions to support Black women in leading healthy and safe lives. The book also highlights the complex interplay of physical, mental and social well-being and calls for policy changes to ensure person-centered, quality care. 

In a world where research often focuses on negative risks and outcomes, Moss’s book offers a refreshing and comprehensive perspective. Now more than ever, it serves as a much-needed rallying cry for progress, urging policymakers, practitioners, researchers, mentors and philanthropists to embrace holistic models of care and to better promote Black women's health.

Health Inequities and African-Americans by Daniel Dawes, JD, Kisha B. Holden, PhD, MSCR, and David Williams, PhD, MPH, provides a scholarly exploration of the multifaceted dimensions and interrelationships that underlie medical injustices among African-Americans. It delves into psychosocial and behavioral determinants of health, discussing the roles of various factors that influence health outcomes; the sociocultural determinants of health and how values determine risk and protective factors; and political and economic determinants of health and stamping out all forms of racism.

Embracing a health equity lens, Health Inequities and African-Americans advocates for valuing all individuals and populations equally, rectifying historical injustices and providing resources according to need. It offers a unique perspective into the complex dimensions of medical disparities for African Americans and aims to help advance health equity by providing a critical examination of the factors that create, perpetuate, and exacerbate health inequities—ultimately serving as a catalyst for transforming health outcomes in the United States.

Both books underscore the importance of innovative strategies to reduce risk factors and strengthen protective factors, ultimately promoting well-being among individuals, families and communities. They serve as essential resources for scholars, policymakers, healthcare professionals and advocates seeking to better understand, address and overcome health disparities within marginalized communities.

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