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American Public Health Association condemns invasion of Ukraine

Date: Feb 27 2022

Contact: Media Relations, 202-777-3913  

Statement from APHA Executive Director Georges C. Benjamin, MD

APHA affirms its historic mission of promoting the public’s health and assuring the opportunity for all people to live a healthy life. War is neither the moral nor the just way to settle disputes. Therefore, we completely and unequivocally condemn the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces.

This is an illegitimate war being waged for immoral reasons. The horror this war is causing is not only an unacceptable assault on the health and tranquility of Ukraine, but it is clearly a violation of international human rights. It has global implications as well and risks the expansion of this conflict into other parts of Europe, and, possibly, the world.

The continuing worldwide pandemic has already brought death and hardship to people around the globe. This conflict risks worsening the pandemic as well as causing a range of new health threats that result from the mass migration that accompanies armed conflict.

APHA supports the right of all people to live free from fear in a safe and healthy environment. We call on the Russian government to stop the vicious and unprovoked attack on the people of Ukraine.


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