Minnesota Public Health Association Annual Conference

Conference // Andover

Bunker Hills Activity Center


Apr 11 2019 - Apr 12 2019


"The State of Health: Minnesota-Grown Public Health Solutions"

The conference will highlight Minnesota initiatives and programs in a variety of public health fields. Those fields may include, but are not limited to, environmental, nutrition, child & maternal, injury prevention, diabetes, health equity, cardiovascular, cancer prevention, etc.


  1. Examine how public health professionals in Minnesota have addressed public health challenges through innovative approaches tailored to their communities/communities they serve.
  2. Discuss the process of collaboration and community engagement that supports Minnesota-grown interventions.
  3. Identify strategies for program development and implementation.
  4. Foster learning and connection among the public health community that can lead to collaboration, innovation, and growth as we work towards a healthier future for all Minnesotans.
  5. Highlight the work of Minnesota Public Health Association members.

Learn more at https://mpha.net/2019-Annual-Conference.

Questions? Contact Merry Grande.