Cancer Forum

The APHA Cancer Forum comprises a diverse, multidisciplinary group of professionals representing academia, federal, state and local health departments, private and non-profit organizations engaged in cancer control efforts ranging from discovery to delivery.
Our mission is to:

  1. Create a focus on cancer as a public health issue within the APHA that will engage existing and new members active in cancer prevention and control activities ranging from education to practice, policy, research and surveillance.
  2. Enable cross-disciplinary interaction that integrates public health principles, engages researchers and practitioners and advances population-level knowledge and practice relevant to cancer prevention and control, from basic science to population science.

Current Leadership

Chair: Oluwaseyi Isehunwa, PhD

Vice-Chair: Adriana Babiak-Vazquez, PhD

Immediate Past Chair: Brad Richardson, PhD

Program Planning Chair: Michael Halpern, MD, PhD

Program Planning Co-Chairs: Jean Edwards, PhD, RN and Jennifer Tsui, PhD

Membership and Events Chair: Gina Curry, MPH, MBA

Communications Chair (Social Media): Sweta Chalise, MPH, CPH

Policy Development Chair: Brandon Leonard, MA

Secretary: Adana A.M. Llanos, PhD

Chair Emeritus: Vani Simmons (2016), Jennifer Vidrine (2015), Candace Deaton (2014), Marc Kivineimi (2013), Sona Thakkar (2012)

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APHA Policy on Executive Session (PDF)

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