Martha May Eliot Award Committee

The committee focuses on selection the Martha May Eliot Award winner. Committee members include one member from the Maternal and Child Health Section (not nominated by the Section). The other members come from other Sections having strong identification with maternal and child health. The Award Winner serves on the committee for one year.

In 2017 the Committee will have 2 open positions available for two-year terms.

Responsibilities of the Committee
The activities of the Martha May Eliot Award Committee are to share the Call for the Martha May Eliot Award Nomination with their colleagues, reviewing nominations and meet via conference call to select the award winner.

Current Members

Larry K. Olsen, DrPH, MCHES - Chair
Term Expires 2018
Hani K. Atrash, MD, MPH - 2016 Award Recipient
Term Expires 2017
Lianne Fuino Estefan, PhD, MPH
Term Expires 2017

Jessie R. Hood, ScD, MPH
Term Expires 2017

Brittany K. Marshall, MPH
Term Expires 2017

JoAnne Fischer, MSS
Term Expires 2018

Staff Liaison: Deborah Dillard


APHA Policy on Executive Session (PDF)