Committee on Women's Rights

About the Committee

The APHA Committee on Women's Rights is concerned with women's rights, including a primary focus on gender inequities in health care and health policy. The committee also places some emphasis on other issues, such as economic and pay inequity, the glass ceiling and expanding the definition of women's health beyond reproductive health. Usually only one male serves on this six-person committee. The committee meets in the spring by conference call and during the Annual Meeting, for which meeting expenses are not covered. The term for members of the COWM is three years.


The COWR was created by the APHA Governing Council as a Standing Committee in 1971. Standing Committees are defined in APHA's Constitution, Article XIII, Section 1. as "..those Committees which are necessary for the continuing effective operations of the Association and which are charged with responsibilities for internal organizational, structural, and/or administrative affairs of the Association."

The COWR's mission was broadly defined in the Constitution, Article XII, Section (d): "COWR relates the concerns of the entire APHA membership and all its organizational components to the problems associated with women in society which involve considerations of health, health services, and health career opportunity."

The COWR also works to improve the health status of women through addressing social, cultural, economic, educational, environmental and political conditions that impact families.

Committee Membership

Article XIII, Section 2 of the Constitution defines the conditions of COWR Membership: "The Executive Board shall appoint the chairpersons and members of Standing Committees to three-year terms with a limit of two consecutive terms, with no reappointment until at least one year has elapsed. Appointments shall be scheduled so that approximately equal numbers terminate each year. The Executive Director shall be an ex officio member without vote of each Standing Committee. Members shall be appointed only after soliciting and considering suggestions from units of the Association. Members of Standing Committees shall serve as individuals and not as representatives of any organization."


Our core values for individuals and communities throughout the world are health, equity, diversity, integrity, dignity, self determination, respect, ethical practice and knowledge.


Promote and protect the health and well-being of all women.


  • To improve the quality of life for all women
  • To ensure access to health care and appropriate health care services
  • To improve services that focus on health promotion and injury/illness prevention for women
  • To promote and protect the physical and social environment
  • To preserve and protect the rights of all women
  • To promote equal rights and opportunities for women in health careers


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Committee on Women's Rights Annual Report to the APHA Executive Board for 2023

APHA Staff Liaison: Vina HuLamm, MS

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