Publications Board

The Publications Board role is to provide important information and insights about the science and practice of public health related to the business of publishing. Among the most important tasks are: identifying outstanding individuals and/or institutions with significant expertise and influence in areas of strategic publishing concern; facilitating communication between APHA Press and editorial resources; and identifying developments that might yield strategically valuable publications. The Board will provide ongoing insights into the ways public health professional access and use information so the Press can design information products that meet both current and emerging needs in public health practice and education.

The term for members of the Publications Board is three years. There are two physical meetings of the board and at least two conference calls. Board members must have active APHA membership status to serve on the Board.

Publications Board

Chair: Lloyd F. Novick, MD, MPH

Co-Chair: Linda Young Landesman, DrPH, MSW

Norma K. Bowyer, OD, MS, MPH, FAAO
Rosemary M. Caron, PhD, MPH 
Sarah B. Verbiest, DrPH, MSW, MPH
Jennifer Juras, PhD
Rumana S. Rabbani, MHA, (Student Member)
Marion Nestle, PhD, MPH
Henrie Monteith Treadwell, PhD
Linda C. Degutis, DrPH, MSN
Linda Thompson, RN, DrPH, FAAN
Patricia D. Parker, MSPH
Sarah Maness, PhD, MPH

Staff Liaison: Ashell R. Alston, Director of Publications Services, 202-777-2470

APHA Policy on Executive Session (PDF)