Mid-Year Meeting Materials

Governing Council Mid-Year Meeting
June 15, 2020, 2-4 p.m., EDT
Meeting Presentation 

Proxy Form

Convening of the Council — Lisa M. Carlson, MPH, MCHES, President


Call to Order
Linda Rae Murray, MD, MPH, Speaker of the Council

 II. Quorum Call
Georges C. Benjamin, MD, Secretary of the Council

 III. Approval of the Meeting Agenda (VOTE)
Linda Rae Murray, Speaker of the Council

Approval of the November Meeting Minutes (VOTE)
Linda Rae Murray, Speaker of the Council

November 2019 Meeting Minutes
 V. Development Committee (VIDEO)
Donna K. Beal, MPH, MCHES, Chair, Development Committee
APHA Communities
 VI. Report of the Treasurer (INFORMATION ONLY- See attachment)
Benjamin H. Hernandez, MBA, Treasurer

FY 20 Financial Report

FY 21 Budget


Report of the Nominations Committee (INFORMATION ONLY- See attachment)
Durrell J. Fox, BS, Chair, Nominations Committee

Nominations Committee Report

Executive Board Update (INFORMATION ONLY- See attachment)
Chris Chanysulkit, PhD, MPH, Chair, Executive Board

EB Report

EB Meeting Minutes


Policy Development JPC Update

  • 2020 Proposed Policy Statements
  • Plan for 2020 Public Hearings
  • Late-breaker PPS and COVID-19 PPS Working Group
Diana M. Kingsbury, PhD, Chair, Science Board and Co-Chair, JPC
Amy F. Lee, MD, MPH, Chair, Education Board and Co-Chair, JPC
Rosie Mae Henson, MPH, Chair, Action Board and Co-Chair, JPC   
2020 Proposed Policy Statement Review            
 X. Report of the Executive Director on COVID-19 and the State of Public Health (Discussion)
  • COVID 19
  • Plans for the Annual Meeting
  • Finances

Georges C. Benjamin, Executive Director

ED Report

APHA Code of Conduct (VOTE)
Georges C. Benjamin, Executive Director

2020 Code of Conduct
 XII. Announcements
Linda Rae Murray, Speaker of the Council
Key Dates
 XIII. Adjourn