Mid-Year Meeting Materials

Governing Council Mid-Year Meeting
June 18, 2018, 2-4 p.m., EDT

Meeting presentation

Convening of the Council — Joseph Telfair, DrPH, MSW, MPH, President 


Call to Order
Linda Rae Murray, MD, MPH, Speaker of the Council

 II. Quorum Call
Georges Benjamin, MD, Secretary of the Council

 III. Approval of the Meeting Agenda (ACTION)
Linda Rae Murray, Speaker of the Council
 IV. Executive Director's Report (DISCUSSION)
Georges Benjamin, Executive Director

Report of the Treasurer (DISCUSSION)
Benjamin Hernandez, MBA, Treasurer

Financial Report

FY 2019 Budget

 VI. Policy Development JPC Update
   • Policy Statement Archiving
   • 2018 Proposed Policy Statements
   • Next Steps
Ayanna Buckner, MD, MPH, JPC Co-Chair
Tara Hayden, MHSA, JPC Co-Chair
Marty Romney, JD, MPH, BSN, JPC Co-Chair

Policy Statement Development Process

2018 Proposed Policy Statement Review
 VII. Nominations Committee Report
Catherine Cooksley, DrPH, MPH, Chair
 VIII. APHA Cross-Collaboration Initiative
Jeanie Holt, MS, MPH, ARGC, New Hampshire


APHA Executive Board Actions
Resa M. Jones, MPH, PhD, Chair

 X. Announcements
Linda Rae Murray, Speaker of the Council

Key Dates
 XI. Adjourn