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Jay S. Drotman Memorial Award

The Jay S. Drotman Memorial Award was established to recognize the career of a promising young public health professional or student. The award was officially established in March 1979 by Peter Drotman, MD, MPH in memory of his late brother and is presented annually by the American Public Health Association.

Jay S. Drotman, MSPH, was a 27-year-old health planning consultant who was killed in a commercial airline mid-air collision in 1978. An honors graduate in political science from the University of California, Los Angeles, Mr. Drotman received his master’s degree from Harvard University School of Public Health. He was an active member of APHA and his last paper was delivered posthumously at the 1978 APHA Annual Meeting in Los Angeles.

Previous Winners

2015    Sara E. Roszak, MPH, MA
2014    Jacqueline M. Cutts, MPH
2013    Lawrence C. Loh, MD, MPH, CCFP, FRCPC
2012    Mariana Clair Arcaya, MCP
2011    Scott Michael Robertson, MHCI
2010    Carlos E. Rodriguez-Diaz, PhDc, MPHE, CHES
2009    Branden Pfefferkorn, MD, MPH
2008    Tracy L. Finlayson, PhD
2007    Jay D. Bhatt, MPH
2006    Hossein Bahrami, MD, MPH
2005    Yogindra S. Samant, MBBS, MPH
2004    Christopher L. Day, MPH
2003    Denys T. Lau, PhD
2002    Debra Houry, MD, MPH
2001    Elizabeth Fair, MPH
2000    Jennifer B. Unger, PhD
1999    Aun Lor, MPH
1998    Jay Bernhardt, MPH
1997    Cliff Akiyama

1996    Leslie Kantor, MPH
1995    Jody Steinauer
1994    Joshua Sharfstein, AB
1993    Francis Beadle de Palomo
1992    Martin C. Mahoney, PhD
1991    Harold M. Goldstein, MSPH
1990    Marcel E. Salive, MD, MPH
1989    Nancy J. Krieger, PhD
1988    March Sciegaj, BS, MPH
1987    Ronald M. Davis, MD
1986    M. Sue Benford, MA
1985    Dana M. Gallagher, BS, PA
1984    David M. Michaels, MPH
1983    Michael T. Osterholm, PhD
1982    Vivian K. Lin, MPH
1981    Deborah Freund, PhD, MPH
1980    Lawrence R. Berger, MD, MPH
1979    Paul B. Simms, BA