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AJPH Transition to Digital-First Publishing

AJPH  is your journal, and to better meet your needs, we’re transitioning to a digital-first publication. As we expand our digital offerings to add videos, podcasts and more, we are shifting away from providing the journal in print.

All members will continue to have access to the online journal for current and past issues. Members can receive a full-issue PDF or ePub version of current issues. Learn more about these formats below.

Anyone will be able to pay for a subscription to print issues of AJPH or order on-demand print copies of individual issues.

What will be my last print issue of AJPH?

The timing will vary for each individual APHA member, based on their membership renewal date. Members who received print issues of AJPH in 2022 will continue to receive print issues through their renewal date or December 2023, whichever is earlier. The January 2024 issue of AJPH will be the last one mailed to members as part of their membership.

When are the different formats of AJPH made available?

The online version is available first, with the full-issue PDF and ePub formats appearing a few days later and the print on-demand physical copies mailing to those who order them several days after that.

How does this impact people participating in auto-draft to pay for their APHA membership?

If you participate in the auto-draft program to pay for your APHA membership and currently receive AJPH in print, you will continue to receive print copies of AJPH through December 2023.

What if I have paid for a direct subscription to print issues of AJPH, instead of receiving it as part of an APHA membership?

Nothing will change. We will continue to provide print issues of AJPH to individuals and organizations with direct subscriptions outside of an APHA membership.

Intro to new AJPH digital formats

AJPH is now available in the following digital formats:

  • Online – All APHA members have full access to current and past editions of AJPH at ajph.org. Members can access articles directly on the AJPH website and download individual articles as PDF files. These files can be opened by any PDF reader.
  • Single-issue PDF – APHA members who don’t take advantage of the “Economy Discount” to save $20 on their membership fee have free access to entire issues in PDF format. Members who don’t receive this for free may purchase single-issue PDFs individually or as a 12-month subscription for $40. These files can only be opened with Adobe Digital Editions.
  • Single-issue ePub – Members and non-members can access entire issues of AJPH in ePub format as a single-issue purchase or as a 12-month subscription. These files can only be opened with Adobe Digital Editions.

What's the difference between the single-issue PDF and ePub?

The AJPH PDF has a static layout with set page breaks that match those in the print format of the full issue. While the page width can be adjusted to fit the size of your screen, this format is best viewed on a device with a large screen because the font size does not adjust to fit your screen.

The AJPH ePub will automatically adjust to fit your screen. The ePub does not include page numbers, and the text reflows as the reader increases or decreases the font size. 

Both the PDF and ePub must be read on a device using Adobe Digital Editions and can be downloaded on up to 6 devices. Both are stored in your Adobe Digital Editions library and can be read offline at any time. Bookmarking and adding notes to text is permitted, and printing from the file is also permitted. 

Accessing AJPH Digital Products

To access your PDF and ePub digital downloads, you will need to log in to your My APHA page and click on the Purchases tab at the top. From there you will find a link to download your files.

If you have an active subscription to the digital products through your membership, you can see which issues are available to you by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page that says “Click here to view a list of all your available free downloads.”

The PDF and ePub files will download as .acsm files, which can only be opened in Adobe Digital Editions. You can download Adobe Digital Editions for free.

You will need to set up an Adobe ID and authorize your device (see instructions) before trying to open the file. These accounts will be separate from your APHA member accounts and APHA staff will not be able to access account records.

Why is Adobe Digital Editions mandatory to read the PDF and ePub files?

These digital files are protected with Digital Rights Management. The DRM software used to protect our products can only be read using Adobe Digital Editions.

How long will I have access to my digital downloads?

You will have access to every issue you received during your membership as long as your membership stays active. Once downloaded to a device, the issue will be accessible from Adobe Digital Editions on that device for as long as you keep the program on your device.

Can I share my digital downloads?

No, your PDFs and ePubs can only be downloaded once per issue to your computer, phone or tablet. The link will not work if it is shared.

Can I print my digital downloads?

Yes, you will have the ability to print your PDFs once downloaded.

What does the error message "could not open 'URRLLink .acsm" mean?

If you see an error message that looks something like "Adobe Acrobat Reader DC could not open 'URRLLink .ascm' because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged", it is likely you need to change the default program that opens an ACSM file. This document explains how to change the default program using Windows 10, Windows 7 or Mac.

If you need further assistance, please contact an IT person within your office or university for assistance.

Still have questions? We're here to help.

  • For questions about your membership and which products you can access, or to confirm a purchase, contact membership@apha.org.
  • For questions about using Adobe Digital Editions or differences in e-products, contact ajph-feedback@apha.org.