Status of US Public Health Service

  • Date: Jan 01 1954
  • Policy Number: 5402

Key Words: Military, Welfare, War

Archived APHA Policy Statement

Whereas, the commissioned corps of the Public Health Service on July 4, 1952, reverted from military to nonmilitary status, and

Whereas, the commissioned corps of the Service has engaged and continues to engage in national defense activities, including the provision of medical services to the Coast Guard and the staffing of both foreign and domestic posts on the same basis as the Armed Forces; and

Whereas, responsibilities for defense preparations have been appreciably extended by virtue of the delegations made on July 14, 1954, by the Federal Civil Defense Administrator to the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, and in turn by the Secretary of said department to the Public Health Service, such responsibilities, including the control of biological and chemical warfare, the development of a mobile inactive reserve corps for the relief of areas damaged by enemy attack, and provision of other essential health services for minimizing war damage and for restoration of damaged areas, and

Whereas, the fulfillment of Service responsibilities for defense, as well as normal peacetime purposes, vitally depends upon an adequate mobile corps of well qualified personnel, be it therefore

Resolved that the American Public Health Association strongly recommends that legislation be enacted by the Congress to provide those benefits and disciplines which will place the commissioned corps of the Public Health Service on an equal basis with the Armed Forces and which will strengthen the ability of the Service to maintain its existing personnel and recruit additional numbers to meet its expanded responsibilities, and be it further

Resolved that the American Public Health Association recommends this action through the proper executive and legislative channels of the federal government.