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The Role of Faith Communities in Preventing Suicide

WATCH THE RECORDED WEBINAR (Recorded 11/18/2021)
Co-sponsored by the ISC-SC Suicide Prevention Topical Group, the Caucus on Public Health, and the Faith Community.

Gun Violence Data: Issues and Opportunities

Co-sponsored by the ISC-SC Gun Violence Prevention Topical Group and Maternal and Child Health Section.

De-Stress with Nature

Co-sponsored by the Public Health Education and Health Promotion Learning and Professional Development Committee; Aging and Public Health Section; Cancer Forum; Chiropractic Health Care Section; Integrative, Complimentary, and Traditional Health Practices Section; Mental Health Section; Occupational Health and Safety Section, School Health and Wellness Section; and Physical Activity Section.

A Role for the Rural Library in Public Health Programming

Co-sponsored by the ISC-SC Rural Health Topical Group, Disability Section, Medical Care Section, Medical Care Subcommittee on Rural Health, and Mental Health Section.

Symposium on Health and Medical Misinformation

Sponsored by the Medical Care Section.

Twindemic of COVID-19 and Opioid Use

(Click the red "OPEN THIS LINK" box once you've logged into APHA Connect)
Co-sponsored by the ISC-SC Opioid Topical Group, Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Section, Pharmacy Section, Public Health Nursing Section, and Integrative, Complementary, and Traditional Health Practices Section.

Vagal Love = Self Love

WATCH THE WEBINAR (Recorded 6/8/2021)
Sponsored these APHA Sections: Public Health Education and Health Promotion; Integrative, Complimentary and Traditional Health Practices; Mental Health; and Physical Activity.

The Intersection of Policy and Violence

WATCH THE WEBINAR (Recorded 5/27/2021)
Sponsored by APHA's Injury Control and Emergency Health Services Section, Community Health Workers Section, Public Health Education and Health Promotion Section and the Family Violence Caucus.

Climate Change and Health: The Long-Term Impacts of Recent Climate Crisis-Related Events in Texas and Louisiana

WATCH THE WEBINAR (Recorded 5/20/2021)
Sponsored by the ISC Special Topics Committee on Climate Change.

Vaccine Misinformation: What Works and What Doesn't 

WATCH THE WEBINAR (Recorded 3/25/2021)
Organized by the ISC-SC Disasters and Emergency Preparedness workgroup.

Holistic Stress Management for Better Sleep

WATCH THE WEBINAR (Recorded 3/23/21)
A ICTHP and PHEHP well-inar.

APHA 101 for Members

WATCH THE WEBINAR (Recorded 3/15/2021)
Learn more about APHA history, structure and priorities from APHA President José Ramón Fernández-Peña. Get the most out of your APHA membership!

Mindful Racial Justice: Healing Hearts and Transforming Communities  

WATCH THE WEBINAR (Recorded 2/25/2021)
A well-inar brought to you by the Integrative, Complementary and Traditional Health Practices Section.

A Suicide Prevention Response to the Pandemic

WATCH THE WEBINAR (Recorded 11/19/2020)
Sponsored by the ISC-SC Suicide Prevention Workgroup.

Smudging: A Native American Perspective on the Use of Medicinal Smoke to Support Holistic Wellness

WATCH THE WEBINAR (Recorded 11/1/2020)
A well-inar organized by the APHA Integrative, Complementary and Traditional Health Practices Section. 

Training the Next Generation of Physical Activity Researchers Through a Health Equity Lens

WATCH THE WEBINAR (Recorded 9/30/2020)
Hosted by the Physical Activity Section and APHA Student Assembly.

Relax Through Breath and Movement 

WATCH THE WEBINAR (Recorded 9/23/2020)
A well-inar sponsored by the Mental Health and Public Health Education and Health Promotion Sections.

Cancer Screening in the Era of COVID-19 

WATCH THE WEBINAR (Recorded 9/17/2020)
Sponsored by APHA's Community Health Planning and Policy Development Section, Aging and Public Health Section and Cancer Forum. 

The Federal Office of Rural Health Policy's Response to COVID-19  

WATCH THE WEBINAR (Recorded 8/31/2020)
Sponsored by APHA's Intersectional Council Special Topics Committee on Rural Health and the Medical Care Section's Sub-Committee for Rural and Frontier Health.

Acupressure: Self-Care to De-Stress and Relax Your Muscles 

WATCH THE WEBINAR (Recorded 8/5/2020)
A well-inar organized by the APHA Integrative, Complementary and Traditional Health Practices Section.

Time in Nature: Guided Imagery to Reduce Stress During the COVID-19 Pandemic  

WATCH THE WEBINAR (Recorded 6/18/2020)
A well-inar organized by the APHA Integrative, Complementary and Traditional Health Practices Section.

The Stars Among Us: Winning Strategies for Nominating a Colleague for an APHA Award 

WATCH THE WEBINAR (Recorded 5/5/2020)
Hosted by the APHA Awards Committee.

Community Interventions to Enhance Physical Activity in the Population

WATCH THE WEBINAR (Recorded 4/24/2020)
Sponsored by the APHA Epidemiology and Physical Activity Sections.

Understanding the Connection Between Suicide, Opioid Misuse and Opioid Overdose  

WATCH THE WEBINAR (Recorded 4/22/2020)
Sponsored by the ISC-SC Opioid Prevention workgroup.

Demystifying the American Journal of Public Health 

WATCH THE WEBINAR (Recorded 2/26/2020)
Brought to you by the AJPH Editorial Board.

A Public Health Approach to Gun Violence Prevention: Your 2020 Action Plan 

WATCH THE WEBINAR (Recorded 1/29/2020)
Sponsored by the APHA ISC-SC Gun Violence Prevention workgroup.

The Hidden Link Between Vision and Learning: Why Millions of Learning-Disabled Children are Misdiagnosed  

WATCH THE WEBINAR (Recorded 11/14/2019)
Sponsored by the APHA Vision Care Section.

Zoonotic Disease Epidemiology and a One Health Framework for Control: An Introduction to the NASPHV Compendia  

WATCH THE WEBINAR (Recorded 10/22/2019)
Sponsored by the Veterinary Public Health SPIG (now the One Health SPIG).

Climate Changes Health: The One Health Approach to Vector-Borne Diseases in a Changing Climate

WATCH THE WEBINAR (Recorded 9/25/2019)
Sponsored by the ISC-SC Climate Change workgroup.

Career and Professional Development Essentials  

WATCH THE WEBINAR (Recorded 8/18/2019)
Sponsored by the Food and Nutrition Section and the Student Assembly.

Children's Health vs. National Security 

WATCH THE WEBINAR (Recorded 10/5/2018)
Sponsored by the APHA Student Assembly and the Public Health Nursing, Maternal and Child Health, Sexual and Reproductive Health, International Health, Occupational Health & Safety, Environment, Community Health Planning & Policy Development Sections.

Using Social Media for Advocacy 

WATCH THE WEBINAR (Recorded 8/3/2018)
Sponsored by APHA's Action Board. 

Physical Activity in the Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes  

WATCH THE WEBINAR (Recorded 5/30/2018)
Sponsored by APHA's Physical Activity Section and Public Health Education and Health Promotion Section.

Career Opportunities in Public Health Nutrition 

WATCH THE WEBINAR (Recorded 5/23/2018)
Sponsored by the Food and Nutrition Section and the Student Assembly. 

Gun Violence as a Public Health Issue 

WATCH THE WEBINAR (Recorded 5/1/2018)
Sponsored by the ISC-SC Gun Violence Prevention workgroup. 

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