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Transitions as our Teacher: How to lead through change

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Jun 27 2024, 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM EST


Leaders of color and allies working in communities are currently facing unprecedented challenges during this era of extreme transition in the world and across the social sector. Our ability to navigate through these changes is crucial for sustaining ourselves, our organizations and our communities. However, we believe surviving is not enough. We want to thrive.

In this session, we invite leaders to join ProInspire in exploring transitions, and how we can bring our inner wisdom and liberatory practices to thrive in uncertain times.

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Discussion themes will include:

  • What is our current relationship to change and transition?
  • What resources and power do we have to navigate transition?
  • What touchstones could help us and our communities be intentional agents of a transition and generate new futures?

Webinar attendees will be asked reflection questions and brought through a guided practice. The goal is to create a space for leaders to connect, reflect on their relationship with change and navigate their organizations through transitions.

Leaders in the session will:

  • Explore and unearth dominant frameworks or mental models around transitions.
  • Practice embodied awareness by noticing how their body and mind experience and adapt to transitions.
  • Tap into and embrace cultural and ancestral elements to inspire and guide during transitions.
  • Discover and cultivate liberatory practices and mindsets for leading organizations in transition.

Accessibility: This webinar will be recorded, and closed captioning will be available via Zoom. During the webinar, we will be sharing our screen, and the facilitators will be reading aloud what is presented on the screen. Throughout the session, we will invite participants to engage with us via chat and Q&A. Spanish interpretation will be provided.