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2021 Milken Institute Future of Health Summit

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Jun 22 2021 - Jun 23 2021


COVID-19 has threatened our health and well-being, exposed weaknesses across health systems, and exacerbated health-care disparities. Despite these challenges, we have seen extraordinary coordination to defeat the coronavirus and advance global health.

To save both lives and livelihoods, competitors have become collaborators, pooling scientific research to fight COVID-19 while improving pandemic preparedness, disease prevention, diversity in clinical trials, mental health services, food access, and more.

Given these silver linings, the Milken Institute — and its catalytic community — is turning lessons learned from the past year into a healthier, more resilient, and more equitable future for all.

Join more than 200 speakers for this year's Future of Health Summit for insightful discussions on trends in vaccine development and distribution, pandemic prevention, health equity, biomedical innovation, mental health, long-term care, health financing, philanthropy, social isolation and loneliness, addiction and stigma, health policy, food and sustainability, telehealth, neuroscience and technology.


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