Committee on Membership

The Committee on Membership is a standing APHA committee that serves to assist and advise the Membership Department (and occasionally other APHA staff) in membership retention and recruitment efforts. Except for the chair, this group's membership is entirely ex officio, named by Sections and Affiliates. The chair is appointed by the Executive Board for a two-year term. The term for members of the Membership Committee is one year.

Functions & Responsibilities of the Committee on Membership

The Committee on Membership consists of one representative from each Section and Affiliate Association. The Committee's chief purpose is to assist APHA in organizing Association membership promotions. The Committee encourages membership by:

  • Promoting membership through Sections; and
  • Promoting joint APHA-Affiliate Association membership.

All Sections are required to have one representative on the Committee on Membership. Affiliates are also invited to nominate one of their members to serve on the Committee. In order for an Affiliate representative to be eligible, he or she must have membership in both the Affiliate Association and APHA.

APHA Affiliate Affairs and the Committee on Affiliates encourage Affiliates to nominate members for the Committee on Membership to ensure that the voice of their Affiliate is heard by the Committee.

Committee on Membership Staff Liaison: Nancy Sherwood
Office: 202-777-3914

APHA Policy on Executive Session (PDF)