Awards Committee

This committee focuses on selecting the winners of the following six APHA Awards:

  • Sedgwick Memorial Medal for Distinguished Service in Public Health, APHA's oldest and most prestigious honor
  • APHA Award for Excellence
  • David P. Rall Award for Advocacy in Public Health
  • Helen Rodriguez-Trias Social Justice Award
  • Victor Sidel and Barry Levy Award for Peace
  • Ayman El-Mohandes Young Professional Public Health Innovation Award

Committee members are public health professionals possessing rich experience and broad diversity across the public health community.

Responsibilities of the Committee

The activities of the Awards Committee are to share the Call for APHA Awards Nominations with their colleagues, review the nominations and meet to select the award winners.

Committee Roster:

Term Expires 2024

Donna K. Beal, MPH, MCHES - Chair

Jonathan A. Smith, MA, MPH

Irene Tami-Maury, DMD, MSc, DrPH

Term Expires 2025
Lisa M. Carlson, MPH, CHES

Ayza Mahmood Khan, MD, MPH, MBA, FACHE, CPE

Joyce R. Gaufin, BS

Staff Liaison: Deborah Dillard, 202-777-2442

APHA Policy on Executive Session (PDF)