Intersectional Council

ISC Steering Committee members smiling for group photo outside in San Diego

Staff and Chair Contact Information

Staff Liaison: Frances Atkinson

2021-2022: Thomas Doker

Complete definition of committee/board

The Intersectional Council represents the interests common to the APHA Sections and facilitates relations between and among them and with other groups within APHA.

The Intersectional Council Steering Committee has nine members and conducts ISC activities between the Annual Meetings. The 12 members consist of nine members elected by the ISC, the ISC-SC immediate past chair (ex-officio), the Student Assembly Chair-elect and one member appointed by the Executive Board every three years. This group meets face-to-face twice a year, and by phone monthly. ISC members eligible to run for a three year term on the ISC-SC are: Section Chairs, Chairs-elect and Immediate Past Chairs. Three new ISC-SC members are elected annually.    

The Steering Committee assists Sections with internal management and communication. The ISC-SC also reviews and comments on applications for SPIGs and Forums and submits comments to the Executive Board.

Role and Responsibility of Committee Members

  • Works within the framework of the APHA Strategic Plan by identifying specific goals and objectives which best fit the purpose of the ISC.
  • Functions as a proactive body on issues of concern to the Sections.
  • Communicates Association matters to the Sections and fosters responsible interchange among Section leadership as well as between Section leadership and other Association entities.

ISC Steering Committee Roster (APHA Member login required)

APHA Policy on Executive Session (PDF)