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Functions of a Governing Councilor

The functions of an APHA Governing Councilor, according to Association Bylaws, are:

  • To adopt policy statements to articulate APHA’s position on public health issues to impact legislation and regulation. 
  • To amend by two-thirds vote the bylaws of the Association and to adopt rules for the conduct of its own business.
  • To approve by two-thirds vote a schedule of dues for Association membership, multiple section membership and Affiliated Associations based on recommendations of the Executive Board.
  • To elect the Executive Board, the officers of the Association except as provided in Article IV Officers, Section 1.
  • To recognize Affiliated Associations by a three-fourths vote. To approve the establishment, combination, or discontinuation of Sections of the Association.
  • To approve the establishment or dissolution of boards and standing committees of the Association.
  • To establish special Association committees and task forces with specific functions to be accomplished within a specified time frame and to designate the appointment process.
  • To receive reports and act upon recommendations from any Association constituent, the Science Board, the Action Board, the Education Board, the Publications Board, the Council of Affiliates, the Intersectional Council, the Student Assembly, the Standing Committees and the Executive Board.
  • To receive at the time and place of the annual meeting a report from Chair of the Executive Board in which the work, the accomplishments, and the financial status of the Association during the year preceding such Annual Meeting shall be reviewed and a statement made of the major activities contemplated for the ensuing year.
  • To make available to the general membership the approved minutes of each of its meetings.
  • To elect the Nominations Committee.
  • To elect honorary members by three-fourths vote based on recommendations of the Executive Board.

For further information, please review:

Governing Council Rules of Order

Governing Council Orientation (3 parts)

Rules of Debate and Parliamentary Procedure

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