Caucus Collaborative

The purpose of the Caucus Collaborative (CC), established in 2011, is:

  1. To represent the interests and common concerns of the Caucuses relevant to overall Caucus administration to the Executive Board (EB), and other elements of APHA;
  2. To facilitate relations between Caucus and other relevant bodies of the Association including the Student Assembly (SA), Council of Affiliates (CoA) and Inter-Sectional Council (ISC); and
  3. To assist Caucuses in their internal management and inter-Caucus communications.

The members of the Caucus Collaborative consist of a representative from each Caucus plus the Chair, Chair-Elect, Incoming Chair-Elect and the Immediate Past Chair of the Caucus Collaborative. In addition, representatives from the SA, CoA and ISC are non-voting members.

Every year, each APHA Caucus will elect or appoint a CC representative, and an alternate to the CC. Caucus Collaborative representatives are expected to represent their Caucuses at quarterly CC meetings (in-person, conference call, etc.) and through all CC correspondence (e-mail, mail, etc.). Caucus Collaborative representatives are expected to vote on decisions based on the best interests of their Caucuses. The CC Chair, Chair-Elect and Immediate Past Chair do not have a vote, unless they are serving as a proxy for their CC representative.

Staff Liaison: Elsa Greer
Chair: Kelechi Ibe-Lamberts