Center for Public Health Policy at the APHA 2023 Annual Meeting and Expo

Center for Public Health Policy Sessions:

Session Title
Park Equity and Public Health 2047.0
The Role of Environmental Health Professionals in Advancing Equity and Environmental Justice 3005.0
HiAP: Leveraging Community Partnerships to Advance Health & Racial Equity 3102.0
Equity in Action? Assessing the Role of Community in Declarations of Racism As a Public Health Crisis 4005.0
Collaborative for Anti-Racism and Equity Roundtable 4095.0
Environmental Justice Efforts within Federal Agencies 4094.0

Learn more about our work by exploring our resources:

Racial Equity

Health Equity

  • Health Equity Factsheets
    • Topics include: COVID-19, Food Justice, Opportunity Youth, Children’s Environmental Health, Housing, Water, Health Equity, Environmental Justice and Educational Equity

Environmental Health

Environmental Justice