Martha May Eliot Award

The Martha May Eliot Award  honors extraordinary health services to mothers and children; to bring such achievement to the eyes of related professional people and the public; to stimulate young people in the field to emulate efforts resulting in such recognition; and to add within the profession and in the eyes of the public to the stature of professional workers in the field of maternal and child health.

The Martha May Eliot Award has been given since 1964 by the American Public Health Association to commemorate the late Dr. Martha May Eliot. Dr. Eliot served as Chief of Children's Bureau, Department of Health, Education and Welfare (now Department of Health and Human Services) before her retirement in 1956. Dr. Eliot was a moving force in APHA's Section on Maternal and Child Health and served as APHA President in 1958. 

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Previous Winners

2023    Jeannette Ickovics, PhD
2022    Arthur James, MD, FACOG
2021    Donna J. Petersen, ScD, MHS, CPH
2020    Claire D. Brindis, DrPH
2019    Michael D. Kogan, PhD
2018    Magda G. Peck, ScD, ScM, PA
2017    Maxine D. Hayes, MD, MPH, FAAP
2016    Hani Khalil Atrash, MD, MPH
2015    Kay Johnson, MPH, EdM
2014    Robert Wm. Blum, MD, MPH, PhD
2013    Eugene Declercq, PhD
2012    Deborah Klein Walker, EdD
2011    Peter C. Van Dyck, MD, MPH
2010    Milton Kotelchuck, PhD, MPH
2009    Ruth Lawrence, MD
2008    Jonathan B. Kotch, MD, MPH, FAAP
2007    Greg R. Alexander, RS, MPH, ScD (Posthumously)
2006    Ruth Watson Lubic, CNM, EdD
2005    Katherine S. Lobach, MD
2004    Charles S. Mahan, MD
2003    Bernard Guyer, MD, MPH
2002    Antoinette P. Eaton, MD
2001    Linda A. Randolph, MD, MPH
2000    Allan G. Rosenfield, MD
1999    Naomi Minner Morris, MD, MPH
1998    Sarah S. Brown
1997    Nafis Sadik, MD
1996    Lorraine Klerman, DrPH, MPH
1995    Barbara Starfield, MD, MPH
1994    Margaret C. Heagarty, MD
1993    Judith P. Rooks, CNM, MPH
1992    Patricia T. Schoesser, MD
1991    Earl Siegel, MD
1990    Jean Pakter, MD, MPH
1989    Frederick C. Green, MD
1988    Mary C. Egan
1987    Vince H. Hutchins, MD
1986    George A. Silver, MD
1985    Marian Wright Edelman
1984    C. Arden Miller, MD
1983    Kathryn E. Barnard, PhD
1982    Edwin M. Gold, MD
1981    Eunice K.M. Ernst, CNM, MPH
1980    Pauline G. Stitt, MD
1979    Donald A. Cornely, MD
1978    Helen M. Wallace, MD, MPH
1977    R. Gerald Rice, MD, MPH
1976    Robert J. Haggerty, MD
1975    Sidney Shaw Chipman, MD
1974    Henry K. Silver, MD
1973    William M. Schmidt, MD
1972    Eleanor Pavenstedt, MD
1971    Cicely D. Williams, MD
1970    Julius B. Richmond, MD
1969    Sir Dugald Baird
1968    Jessie M. Bierman, MD
1967    Elizabeth P. Rice, MSW
1966    Hazel Corbin, RN
1965    Arthur J. Lesser, MD
1964    Harold Coe Stuart, MD