Men's Health Caucus

The Men's Health Caucus (Est. 2010) advocates for health needs of males and their families including health awareness and disease prevention, screening, early detection, treatment, advocacy and public health. The Caucus develops programs to address a wide range of male health topics, needs and emerging trends and issues. The Caucus also works closely with APHA and other Caucuses and various Sections to develop public health policy on behalf of males and their families everywhere.

Chair, Caucus Collaborative Representative and Governing Council Representative: Brandon Leonard

Chair-Elect: Albert Pless

Immediate Past Chair: (Roderick) Dan Duquette

Program Chairs: Albert Pless and (Roderick) Dan Duquette

Policy Officer: James Leone

Communication Officer: Armin Brott

Treasurer: Judy Seals-Togbo

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