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Community-Based Public Health Caucus

The Community-Based Public Health Caucus (Est. 2001) is guided by the belief that Community lies at the heart of public health, and that interventions work best when they are rooted in the values, knowledge, expertise, and interests of the community itself. We believe that health encompasses the physical, mental, spiritual, environmental and economic well-being of a community and its members. We recognize the power of equal partnerships including community-based organizations, academic institutions, and health agencies, addressing health issues of the community. We understand that in order for these partnerships to be equal and for interventions to be community-based, community members must participate fully in the identifications of health issues and the selection, design, implementation and evaluation of programs that address them. It is this vision which we express in the term "Community-Based Public Health," and we have formed this caucus to advance the vision.

Chair and Governing Council Representative: Raheem Young

Chair-Elect: Tonya Roberson

Immediate Past-Chair: DeWaun Robinson

Caucus Collaborative Representative: Juanita Booker-Vaughns

Program Chair: Angela Young-Brinn

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