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ARGC Functions

Function and Responsibilities of the Affiliate Representative to the Governing Council

Recognizing that the Affiliate president and staff serve as the primary contact(s) between APHA and the Affiliate, the ARGC assists the president and/or staff in disseminating information received from APHA to the members of the Affiliate governing body and vice versa. The ARGC is to represent the Affiliate as an informed voice on the APHA Governing Council, and is responsible for maintaining liaison with the ARGCs of other Affiliates. The ARGC may serve on the Council of Affiliates, if elected, and as such shall be responsible for maintaining liaison with and coordinating regional ARGC activities with respect to Committee on Affiliates recommendations and actions.

The ARGC is expected to assist the Affiliate president, Affiliate staff and the organization's members to support and stimulate the APHA/Affiliate relationship. The responsibilities of the ARGC are as follows:

  1. Join APHA (if not already a member). The ARGC must be an APHA member since they have voting rights in the Governing Council (NOTE: The Affiliate MOU requires that the Affiliate president also join APHA). 
  2. Assist the Affiliate president and the Affiliate in supporting and stimulating the APHA/Affiliate relationship. 
  3. Inform APHA on a timely basis of all changes in the Affiliate leadership. 
  4. Encourage and promote Affiliate leader participation in APHA activities specifically designed for Affiliates, such as Presidents-Elect Meeting and Affiliate Day at APHA’s Annual Meeting. 
  5. Work with the Affiliate leadership to ensure timely payment of annual APHA dues assessment. 
  6. Stay informed and prepared with the policy direction of the Affiliate in order to effectively represent the Affiliate at the APHA Governing Council. 
  7. Assist Affiliate president and legislative chair with review of APHA proposed policies, legislative advocacy, and implementation of policies and resolutions adopted by the Governing Council. 
  8. Encourage Affiliate participation in the development and submission of grant and project proposals to APHA. 
  9. Urge Affiliate to submit abstracts (oral presentation, poster) for presentation consideration at the Annual Meeting. 
  10. Prepare for and attend all Governing Council meetings including the mid-year phone meeting and the meetings at APHA Annual Meeting. If unable to attend, the ARGC is asked to identify a proxy, fill out and submit proxy paperwork in a timely manner, and ensure that the proxy is prepared for the meetings they will attend. 
  11. Attend Affiliate Day, the PHMC-CoA Awards Reception and Governing Council sessions which occur prior to and during the APHA Annual Meeting. 
  12. Maintain ongoing communication with other ARGCs and the Council of Affiliates Regional Representative. 
  13. Elect Regional Representative (odd-numbered regions during odd-numbered years, even-numbered regions during even-numbered years). 
  14. The following criteria apply to the ARGC:
    • The ARGC must be a member of APHA and a member of an Affiliate in good standing with APHA.
    • The ARGC should be a voting member of the Affiliate governing body or executive committee/board.