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APHA Disability Section Award Winners

Disability Section Award recipients join a distinguished group of achievers who have made significant contributions to the disability field and to improvements in the lives of people with disabilities nationally and internationally. 

1992 Disability Achievement: Andrew Batavia

1993 Disability Achievement: Ed Roberts & Judy Heumann

1994 Disability Achievement: Hugh Gallagher

1995 Disability Achievement: Cindy Jones

1996 Disability Achievement: John Hockenberry

1997 Disability Achievement: David Gray

1998 Disability Achievement: Tony Young

1999 Disability Achievement: Katherine Seelman

Disability Achievement: Glen White and colleagues
Allan Meyers Award: Allan Meyers (posthumous)

Disability Achievement: Frank Bowe

Disability Achievement: Justin & Yoshiko Dart
Allan Meyers Award: Harlan Hahn
Student Award: Trisha Welch

Disability Achievement: Levi brothers
Allan Meyers Award: David Pfieffer
Student Award: Dot Nary

Disability Achievement: Patrick Fougeyrollas & Gale Whiteneck
Allan Meyers Award: Bobby Silverstein

Disability Achievement: Margaret Giannini
Allan Meyers Award: Liz Depoy & Stephen Gilson
Student Award: Brad Bosee & Ben Moreau

Disability Achievement: David Braddock
Allan Meyers Award: Tom Seekins

Disability Achievement: Peg Nosek
Allan Meyers Award: Jim Rimmer
Student Award: B.J. Kitchin
New Investigator Award:  Thilo Kroll

Lifetime Achievement Award: Elizabeth DePoy
New Investigator Award: Danielle S. Ross

Lifetime Achievement Award: Barbara Altman
New Investigator Award: Willi Horner-Johnson
Student Award: Cheri Blauwet

Lifetime Achievement Award: Rene Jahiel
New Investigator Award: Stephen Gulley
Student Award: Sue Feldman

Lifetime Achievement Award: Rune Simeonsson
Allan Meyers Award: Elena Andresen
Advocacy Award: Eleanor Smith
Student Award: Scott Michael Robertson

Lifetime Achievement Award: Gloria Krahn
New Investigator Award: Jennifer L. Rowland
Advocacy Award: Dennis G. Heaphy

Lifetime Achievement Award: George Jesien
New Investigator Award: Simon Driver
Advocacy Award: A.D.A.P.T.
Student Award: Kerri Vanderbom and Vijay Vasudevan

Lifetime Achievement Award: David Gray
Student Award: Alicia Dixon Ibarra

New Investigator Award: Darcy McMaughan
Student Award: Lyubov Slashcheva

Lifetime Achievement Award: Vincent A. Campbell
Student Award: Caitlin Crabb
New Investigator Award: Randall Owen
Advocacy Award : National Alliance on Mental Illness
Allan Meyers Award: Lisa I. Iezzoni

Lifetime Achievement Award: Tom Seekins
Allan Meyers Award: Monika Mitra
New Investigator Award: Kerri A. Vanderbom
Advocacy Award: Disability Advocates Advancing our Healthcare Rights

Lifetime Achievement Award: H. Stephen Kaye and Mitchell P. LaPlante
Allan Meyers Award: June Isaacson Kailes
New Investigator Award: Vijay Vasudevan     
Advocacy Award: Judy Heumann 
Student Award: Erica Twardzik

Lifetime Achievement Award: Tony Cahill
Allan Meyers Award: Suzanne McDermott
New Investigator Award: Ilhom Akobirshoey   
Advocacy Award: American Association on Health and Disability
Student Award:Lindsey Mullis and Erin Vinoski Thomas

Lifetime Achievement Award: Philip McCallion
Allan Meyers Award: Christopher “Chris” Kochtitzky
New Investigator Award: Hilary K. Brown
Advocacy Award: TraciAnn Hoglind
Student Award: Gabrielle Roux

Lifetime Achievement Award: Susan L. Parish and Miriam Robbins
Allan Meyers Award: Jae Kennedy
New Investigator Award: Sarah Dababnah
Advocacy Award: Thomas Hassell
Student Award: Tyler James
Margaret “Peg” Nosek Award: Monika Mitra
Health Equity Award: Sandy Magaña

Lifetime Achievement Award: Lisa Iezzoni
Allan Meyers Award: Michael McKee
New Investigator Award: Yochai Eisenberg
Advocacy Award: Bill Henning
Student Award: Meredith Williams
Margaret “Peg” Nosek Award: Rosemary Hughes
Health Equity Award: Alina Flores