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To learn more about the history of our fearless leaders, please check out our "Disability Section: Leading the Way" podcast.

Chair: Karl Cooper

Past Chair: Meg Traci

Chair-Elect: Vijay Vasudevan

Governing Councilors: Amy Rauworth and Kristine Mulhorn

Secretary: Erika Twardzik

Program Chair: Lindsey Mullis and Librada Callender

Treasurer: Ilhom Akobirshoev

Awards Chair: Linda Long-Bellil

Membership Chair: Yochai Eisenberg

Communications Chair: Allison Tubbs

Mentoring Chair: Michael McKee 

Mentoring Co-Chair: Dot Nary

Student Mentoring Co-Chairs: Meredith Williams and Hana Meshesha

Student Liaison: Christina Kim

Action Board Representative: Barbara Kornblau

Accessibility Liaison to APHA Accessibility Team: Mackenzie Jones

Policy Committee: Barbara Kornblau and Syreeta Nolan (student co-chair)

Committee on Mentoring Program: Mike McKee and Meredith Williams (student co-chair)

Section Councilors: Lindsey Mullis, Ilhom Akobirshoev, Linda Long-Bellil, Yochai Eisenberg, Michael McKee, and Elizabeth Koss Schmidt