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Communications Chair

Section members receive regular messages via the APHA Connect listserv. If you are a current member and not receiving any emails, please check the following before contacting APHA for assistance:

  1. Is your email address current? APHA Connect pulls information directly from APHA's membership database, so you will only receive Connect messages at the email address associated with your member record. You can update the email address associated with your APHA membership at anytime.
  2. Are they hiding in your spam folder? Emails sent over APHA Connect listservs sometimes end up there.
  3. What are your email settings on APHA Connect? Log into APHA Connect, and on the top right corner under your name, select “Email Settings.” You will now see each of your APHA online communities and your email delivery settings for each group. If you wish to receive emails from a group, you must choose “Individual” (which is the default), or “Daily Digest” and save these settings.
  • Individual = all emails from this group will be sent to your inbox, as is
  • Daily Digest = emails from this group will be compiled into a single email every 24 hours
  • Web Only = emails from this group will not go to your inbox and will only be available on APHA Connect

If you continue to not receive our listserv messages, please email Connect Help

Vijay Vasudevan, PhD, MPH

Elizabeth Schmidt, PhD, OTR/L

For leadership contact information, log into APHA Connect using your member credentials.