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Chair: Megan Latshaw
Contact the chair with general questions about the Environment Section or to learn more about how to become involved.

Chair-Elect: Jyotsna Jagai

Membership Chairs: Jyotsna S. Jagai, Yolanda Sanhez
Contact the membership chairs with questions about becoming a member of the Environment Section.

Program Chairs: Chris Rea, Tara

The program chairs are responsible for arranging the sessions at the APHA Annual Meeting. Contact them about reviewing abstracts, moderating sessions or assisting with planning in the future.

Communication Chair: Elizabeth Geltman

Student Assembly Representative: Kristen Burwell

Liaison to the APHA Action Board: Leon Vinci
The Action Board helps coordinate advocacy and outreach for the Association. The Environment Section liaison brings the top environmental health issues to the Action Board in a timely fashion, with appropriate feedback and scientific expertise. The Action Board also leads National Public Health Week efforts and archives APHA's official resolutions and policy statements.

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