Topic Committees

Building Healthy Communities — engages members who are interested in promoting healthy, equitable, sustainable and resilient communities and supporting, protecting and valuing the benefits of access to the natural environment for all.
Co-chairs: Myra Tetteh

Chemicals & Health (National Conversation on Public Health and Chemical Exposures) — engages members in activities to track progress on recommendations that came out of the National Conversation on Public Health and Chemical Exposures project.
Co-chair: Trish Koman and Margaret Willis

Children's Environmental Health increases awareness and promotes collaborative efforts aimed at reducing environmental risks to children’s health in areas where they live, learn and play. The committee has developed a toolkit of resources for parents and educators to teach children about how the environment affects human health. CEH has also developed two important fact sheets on Climate Change and Childhood Cancer that condense their Policy Statement Protecting Children's Environmental Health: A Comprehensive Framework.

Co-chairs: Leyla McCurdy and Patricia Lasley

Climate Change & Health — connects professionals from diverse backgrounds, communicates climate change and health policy development, and supports climate change and health activities and policies aimed at effective preventive strategies.
Co-chairs: Tenaya Jackman and Charles Cange

Environmental Justice Subcommittee — works on environmental justice issues in underserved communities and organizes community outreach at the APHA Annual Meeting.
Co-chairs: Natalie Sampson and Charles Lee

Food & Environment Working Group — a joint initiative of the APHA Food and Nutrition Section and the Environment Section. FEWG works at the intersection of food, nutrition and the environment to protect public health by cultivating and promoting a healthy, just and sustainable food system. Some of our work at APHA includes coordinating an annual pre-conference food systems tour, promoting a healthy food environment at the conference, supporting policies developed by the Food & Nutrition and Environment Sections, and fostering a dynamic network of interdisciplinary public health practitioners with an interest in food systems issues.  Co-chairs: Sarah Reinhardt and Sarah Goldman Chair-elect: Bianca Cornelius Liason: Danielle Ramos 

Noise & Health — raises awareness of and examines the intersection of noise and health.
Co-chair: Jamie Banks

Water & Health — works on collaborative efforts towards global water sustainability for better health.
Co-chairs: Azizur Molla and Asli Aslan 

General Committees

Program Planning — develops an exciting scientific program for the APHA Annual Meeting. Creates a call for abstracts, establishes a review committee, facilitates the review of full session proposals and individual abstracts, and organizes sessions representing the environment section's priorities.
Co-chairs: Natasha DeJarnett and Raquel Silva

Policy - organizes the Environment Section's policy initiatives and navigates the APHA policy proposal system.
Co-chair: Meghan McGinty

Awards - coordinates special recognition and awards from the Section to deserving practitioners.
Co-chair: Megan Latshaw

Nominations — coordinates elections of Section Councilors and Governing Councilors.
Co-chair: Jyotsna Jagai

Communication — informs members about activities that are happening in the Environment Section.
Co-chair: Ellen-Claire Newell

Membership — focuses on membership recruitment, retention and involvement.
Co-chairs: Katlyn McGraw and Shanna Keown

Treasurer — manages the Section's finances.
Co-chair: Cynthia Armour


Co-chairs: Cynthia Armour and Benjamin Ashraf

Student Involvement — comprises faculty and staff of accredited schools and programs in public health as well as recent alumni and current students at the masters and doctoral levels. The committee coordinates student involvement in the Section and at the APHA Annual Meeting.
Co-chair: Elena Jordanov 


Liaison to Action Board — JR Denson 

Liaison to the Student Assembly — Elena Jordanov 

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