Who We Are

We are a home for multiple professions and disciplines. Our diverse members and committees are broadly interested in the connections between medical care and public health.

Our members include professionals, consumers and patients in areas such as clinical care, public health, policy, academics, advocacy, administration, health education, social and economic areas and more. About one-third of our Section members are medical doctors and a third have other doctoral degrees.

Our members understand that improving the public's health requires remedying multiple disparities and providing research and evidence-based frameworks to achieve viable and sustainable solutions that challenge customary practices and assumptions in health care and health care delivery.

Our members advocate, shape and implement progressive programs, policies and research that support health and well-being, including better ways to:

  • address health inequities;
  • deliver more comprehensive care and raise its quality;
  • assure full access to and availability of reproductive health services;
  • ensure universal access to care including incarcerated, homeless, migrant and other groups;
  • deliver health promotion and disease and injury prevention education, particularly in rural areas;
  • inform the public about appropriate use of pharmaceuticals;
  • expose the public health consequences of war;
  • advocate for polices that address environmental issues, particularly climate change, that affect public health; and
  • promote population health and the patient-centered medical home/neighborhood.