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The Lillian Wald Service Award honors agencies, individuals, organizations, or media for depicting exemplary public health nursing, especially through legislative, professional, or public advocacy.

The Ruth B. Freeman Award honors an individual who has had a distinguished career in public health administration, education, policy, practice, or research.

The Public Health Nurse Creative Achievement Award recognizes an individual's exceptional and creative contribution to public health nursing administration, education, practice, or research.

The Feleta Wilson Award, renamed after the award's first recipient, recognizes a mid-career RN or APN, who is an enthusiastic and effective leader in nursing. The award winner exhibits dedication in meeting community needs and benefitting underserved populations.

The Junior Investigator Award, awarded by the Research Committee, honors an early-career (NIH definition) PHN Section member's work since completing a doctoral education.

Awards Committee Chair: Ann Becker

2021 Award Recipients

The 2021 Public Health Nurse Creative Achievement Award was presented to Geraldine Gorman, RN, PhD. Dr. Gorman is a clinical professor at the University of Illinois Chicago. She has taught: Public Health Nursing; Grief, Loss & Dying; Communication, Culture and Ethics; Peace Promotion and War Prevention; Narrative and Nursing. Prior to Nursing, she studied English Literature and has been an enthusiastic proponent of the importance of Humanities in nursing education. In addition, Gerry believes that while working toward a more restorative justice approach, we must serve the needs of those incarcerated and detained within our prisons and jails. She aspires toward pacifism and recognizes war as a primary threat to public health. She practices as a hospice nurse, is the mother of three and a brand-new grandmother to two.

The 2021 Lillian Wald Service Award was presented to Ann Becker, DNP, RN. Dr. Becker is Clinical Associate Professor in Nursing and Public Health Director at UMass Amherst. Ann Co-Directs the University’s COVID-19 response center, an academic and professional partnership. Since 2005 Ann built the student centered, nurse led model of public health preparedness and response through the Medical Reserve Corps integrating public health preparedness into nursing curriculum, while training 2,000 nursing students and responding to numerous emergencies.

The 2021 Ruth B. Freeman Award was presented to Linda Hook, DrPH, MSN, RN, PHNA-BC. Dr. Hook is an Assistant Professor, University of the Incarnate Word, has devoted her career to insightful approaches in public health nursing, both practice and education. She earned a DrPH degree from UT Health at Houston School of Public Health. Dr. Hook’s practice highlights the importance of taking notice of the smallest opportunities to make a difference in population health outcomes.

The Feleta Wilson Award was presented to Dawn Wooten, LPN. Ms. Dawn Wooten, LPN is a nurse at the Irwin County Detention Center (ICDC), an ICE detention center in Ocilla, Georgia, who was demoted after raising concerns about inadequate medical care of detainees and protection during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well women immigrant detainees undergoing unnecessary, non-consensual hysterectomies and other invasive procedures. Her whistleblower complaint prompted agency and congressional investigations, calls for reform from immigration justice groups and medical professionals, a class action lawsuit on behalf of immigrant women, and an order in May 2021 to end immigration detention at ICDC.

The Junior Investigator Award was presented to Gary Glauberman, PhD, RN, PHNA-BC, NHDP-BC. Dr. Gary Glauberman is Manoa board certified in advanced public health nursing and disaster healthcare, and has clinical practice experience in occupational health. His areas of expertise include community/public health nursing, disaster nursing, and global health. Dr. Glauberman’s scholarly focus is on community disaster preparedness and response efforts. He served as principal investigator on research projects that have contributed to greater awareness regarding emergency preparedness in Hawaii. He has received research funding from professional nursing organizations including Sigma Theta Tau and the Association of Community Health Nursing Educators (ACHNE).

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