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Archives: Mary Canales (Chair); Vacant (Chair-Elect)

Awards: Ruth Grubesic (Chair); Vacant (Chair-Elect)

Communications, Social Media & LEAD Moderator, & Webmaster: Vacant (Chair); Vacant (Chair-Elect)

Diversity & Social Justice: Claire Valderama-Wallace (Chair); Vacant (Chair-Elect)

Diversity & Social Justice Subcommittee:

Anti-Racism Pre-Conference Session Sub-Committee: Favorité Iradukunda (Chair); Vacant (Chair-Elect)

Education Subcommittees (2):

              Continuing Education Planning & Implementation Subcommittee: Lindsey Camp (Chair); Alasia Ledford (Chair-Elect)

              Continuing Education Accreditation Subcommittee: Kim Alexander Decker (Chair); Mary McKenzie (Chair-Elect)

Global Health: Jane von Gaudecker (Chair); Ivette Ceballos (Chair-Elect)

Local Arrangements Minneapolis, MN 2024: Vacant

Membership and Engagement: Gloria Barrera (Chair); Amy Buckenmeyer (Chair-Elect)

Membership Subcommittee:  Student Engagement: Courtney Caiola (Chair); Carrissa Nandlal (Chair-Elect)

Nominating Committee: Vacant (Chair); Vacant (Chair-Elect)

Policy & Resolutions: Roberta Lavin (Chair); Vacant (Chair-Elect)

Program: Karen Butler (Chair); Vacant (Chair-Elect)

Research: Elbina Rafizadeh (Chair); Stephen Padgett (Chair-Elect)

PHN Section Reps to Other Organizations

  • Council of Public Health Nursing Organizations: Lisa Campbell, Joyce Edmonds, & Julie Kruse
External Representation:
  • ANHE: Tom Engle
  • Council on Linkages: Lori Edwards
  • Nursing Community Coalition (NCC): Corinna Dan (Primary Liaison), Tom Engle (Co-Primary Liaison), Lisa Campbell (Alternate Liaison), Shawn Kneipp (Alternate Liaison), Julie Kruse (Alternate Liaison)

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