Education Committee: Diane Downing

Program Committee: Maria Gilson DeValpine (Chair) and Tracy Booth (Co-Chair)

Local Arrangements: Kay Kinsey and Sharon Starr

Finance & Development: Lisa Campbell (Chair), Shawn Kneipp (Chair-Elect), Rita Gallagher (Treasurer)

Diversity & Social Justice: Kaveri Roy and Shannon Simonovich

Nominations & Deployment Committee: Louise Ivanov

Global Health Committee: Kristen Hosey

Communications Committee: Melanie Rogers (Chair) and Kelli DePriest (Co-Chair)

Web Coordinator: Leah Coplon

Archives Committee: Mary McKenzie

Research Committee: Kasey Jordan

Awards Committee: Melissa Horning

Policy & Resolutions Committee: Dru Bhattachary and Sara J. Anderson

Membership: Vicki Simpson

Student Section Representative: Sarah Kelly

PHN Section Representatives to APHA:

Intersectional Council: Alexandra Garcia and Lisa Campbell

Action Board: Cindy Stone  

APHA Nominating Committee: Louise Ivanov

Committee on Bylaws: Rita Munley Gallagher

PHN Members in APHA Leadership:

Executive Board: Betty Daniels

Liaisons to other organizations:

Quad Council: Alexandra Garcia, Lisa Campbell (Co-Chair), Shawn Kneipp

The Community Guide: Joyce Edmonds

ANHE: Tom Engle

Council on Linkages: Jeanne Matthews and May Dobal

The Nursing Community: Kirk Koyama, Jeanne Matthews, and Susan Coleman

Nursing Coalition on Climate Change & Health: Jason Kirchick and Hannah Noel-Bouchard

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