For any questions regarding the PHEHP Awards, please contact Amanda Wilkerson by logging in to APHA LEAD using your member credentials and finding the 2021-2022 PHEHP Leadership Roster in the PHEHP Community.

Distinguished Career Award — recognizes outstanding contributions to the profession and 20 or more years of professional practice. It is given for accomplishments and tangible contributions that have elevated the fields of health education, promotion, and/or communication, and made an impact on the practice of the professions. Recognition by the members of the Section, contributions to the section, and contributions and leadership to the Association are also considered. 

Early Career Award — recognizes outstanding and promising contributions to the practice and profession of health education, health promotion, and/or health communication. This recipient must be in the field less than 10 years since receiving a terminal master's or doctoral degree. This award is ranked on examples of contributions similar to those noted in the Distinguished Career Award Category.  

Health Equity Award - honors extraordinary individuals or organizations that have made significant advances in health education or health communications research, programs, or practice to improve health equity, and the elimination of health disparities at the national, state, local or international levels. The advancement and achievement of health equity is a core value of APHA and PHEHP section. Health education and health communication are vital in promoting social justice and elimination of health disparities.  

Sarah Mazelis Award — honors outstanding practice in health education by a practitioner. This recipient must be in the field for at least 5 years, demonstrate measurable accomplishments and effective practice that have made an impact on the field, as well as contribute recognized service to the Section and to APHA. Sarah Mazelis, for whom this award is named, was a superb practitioner whose keen sense of the field linked with the best of academic theory and conceptualization.

J. Mayhew Derryberry Award — honors outstanding contributions to health education research theory and recognizes outstanding behavioral scientists. It was named in honor of Dr. Derryberry who, as a member of the U.S. Public Health Service, established the Division of Health education in the Public Health Service. He gathered together outstanding scholars and made a unique impact on our field. He created the Experimental and Evaluation Service where health education research was first initiated.

Horace G. (Hod) Ogden Award — honors outstanding use of humor to promote better health education, health promotion and health communication practice. It is named for Hod Ogdgen the first director of the Bureau of Health Education established in the late 1970s at CDC. Hod loved a good story or joke and was a master at using humor as part of the communication process. Recipient must have been a member of the Section for at least one year. Only one person or group may be honored with this award per year.

K. Everett M. Rogers Award — honors outstanding contributions to advancing the study and/or practice of public health communication. During his 47-year career, Everett Rogers made significant contributions to both public health communication scholarship and practice through his work in diffusion of innovations, communication networks, communication and social change, and entertainment education. Factors that will be considered for recipient nomination include contributions to: (1) advancing public health communication practice and/or theory/research, (2) teaching, training, and/or mentoring future generations of public health communication practitioners and scholars; and (3) advancing the field of health communication in public health.

We want to congratulate this year's award recipients for APHA 2022!


Judith R. Miller Award: Gwendolyn Roberts Francavillo, PhD, MPH, CHES®, RYT
Early Career Award: Emily A. Lilo, PhD, MPH
Everett M. Rogers Award: Tamar Ginossar, PhD
Health Equity AwardAlyssa Gale, MPH
Mayhew Derryberry Award: Matthew Lee Smith, PhD, MPH, CHES


Brittany M. Loofbourrow, PhD
Julian T. Laude III MD, MPH, CHES


Training Materials Award: Denise Dickinson, MPH
Print Materials Award:
Andrea Murray, MPH
Multi-Media Materials Award:
Michelle Williams, PhD, MSPH, MPH, MCHES


Oral Presentation Award:
Jack Flanagan, BS
Emma Schreier, BSPH
Isabella Hernandez
Joshua Woods, BA
Maggie Burkhardt, BA

Poster Presentation Award:
Sohail Daulat
Falah Rashoka, MS, CPH
Callie Walsh-Bailey, MPH
Eghosasere Ogbevoen
Simran Malhotra, BS
Kelli Agrawal, MPH
Farah Shemisa, BS
Gabriella Pandolfelli, MPH
Isaac Heiman, BS